Your job is to maximize operating efficiency and product quality.  You demand maximum machine up time and minimum product waste.  ASNA’s task is to help you, the customer, achieve these objectives by ensuring proper alignment of all your machinery.

ASNA, Inc. is a global provider of state-of-the-art Optical and 3D Metrology laser alignment services, computerized reporting, and on-site machine tool services to the paper and converting industries. In our over 20 years of history we have provided these services at a competitive rate in a responsive time frame while still maintaining the high quality expertise that the industry has come to demand.

Our services range from optical inspection of machinery, and detailed, timely reporting of the inspection information to in-depth alignment or 3D Metrology consultation. We are equipped to perform all kinds of optical alignment tasks including resources for turnkey alignment projects. Our safety rating is exceptional and we have some of the highest customer retention rates in the Industry.

The combined experience of our skilled teams provides a solid foundation for the dependability of a professional company. We are confident that the quality of our service will be superior, and we will guarantee the work we perform will be accurate and concise.