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We Have a Passion for Accuracy:
We love what we do and we are good at it.  ASNA’s array of optical instruments to include Brunson Telescopic Transit Square, Brunson Tilting Sight Level, Wild Heerbrugg T-2 Theodolite and the Wild Heerbrugg N3 Sight Level;  3D Metrology Laser Alignment Equipment to include Omnitrac2 Tracker, Leica Absolute Tracker and FARO.   All of our optical tooling is calibrated regularly to within one arc second, with an arc second roughly .001″ over 17′.  ASNA’s work is 100% guaranteed and you can have the utmost confidence that your alignment requirements will be handled correctly, expeditiously and efficiently.

ASNA Differences

  • Reliability
    You can depend on us to do the job right the first time. We keep our promises and deliver results on schedule and within budget.
  • Efficiency
    Our teams don’t waste your time or your employees’ time.  In many cases, we work independently, without the need for supervision by your managers.  We know what to do and get right to it.
  • Adaptability
    The ability to work around your schedule or special requirements is our hallmark. We are flexible and willing to adapt to your needs.
  • Versatility
    We have the knowledge and the experience to handle any and all of our machinery alignment challenges, including laser alignment of rotating shafts and drives.
  • Continuity
    You deal with the same team of professionals that worked on your previous projects. Sending personnel experienced with your staff, machinery, and special needs eliminates or dramatically shortens our learning curve. This results in greater project efficiency and cost savings to you.
  • Availability
    In emergency situations, we can normally have a team at your site within hours. We recognize the urgency and cost of machine difficulties and are able to respond accordingly.
  • Responsibility
    We stand behind our work 100%.