Tim has been with ASNA since its inception in 1993. After graduating from Maine Maritime Academy with a degree in Engineering, Tim joined the Navy as an officer in the Naval Aviation program in Pensacola, FL. After a distinguished, albeit short, career in the Navy Tim shipped as a Merchant Marine then ventured into the paper industry. He has traveled all over the US and Canada aligning paper machines.

Tim currently lives in NH and SC with his wife and two children. When he is not in the office he is probably on a golf course. He is an avid sports fan but nothing beats the teams from Boston.



Chucks love of travel started in his youth when lived with his military family all through Europe and the US including Hawaii. Chuck has been in the optics business since 1988. He started machining, millwright and tooling training while at Mason Chamberlin Inc. at the NASA test site in Perl River, MS.

He has found working with people from different areas and backgrounds to be a great experience. Along with getting to see what this country has to offer as far as scenery and people, not to mention all the great different food.

Chuck has a beautiful family and resides on the Magnificent Mississippi Gulf Coast.He enjoys Salt Water Fishing and Grilling by the pool with friends and family. He also enjoys vacationing at a place he has never been before. His sights are on Bora Bora.


  Meet our Team of Engineers



Doane was ASNA’s first employee and we are proud to say he is still with us today. He has been in the industry over 23 years. He enjoys trouble shooting and solving mill issues especially with winders and converting equipment. This is because of the critical roll these parts play in delivering finished product. Doane is an avid outdoorsman who loves to travel and meet interesting people. When he is not troubleshooting he can be found shooting wildlife either with a rifle or a camera. Get him to tell you about his legendary Bear Cam someday. He also recently became a grandfather which has brought him tremendous joy.



Kevin is the Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Region and our Corrugated Division. He has been in the Alignment Industry for over 2 decades. Kevin has brought his skills to many regions including South America and Russia. He always welcomes corrugator work, but is happy to work on Personal and Child Care Machines also.

As a Native of NH Kevin is also a NE Patriots Fan, but his passion for golf is much better suited to the Carolina’s where he has lived for several years with his wife and family.



Dezi has been in the business since 1988, starting as an Optical Technician and working his way into the role as an engineer. He also hails from New England but has travelled all over the US and reaching as far as Poland. Dezi is drawn to the Northeast and his favorite work to do is Paper Machine Installations. When he is not on the road for ASNA he can be found outdoors fishing, golfing or skiing. As a former college football player and Assistant Coach at the University of Maine in Orono, Dezi is another big Football fan, however his son Kyle might be responsible for introducing him to his favorite slogan, “Go Bruins!”



If you have called our office in the last 15 years chances are you have talked to Denis. He is our office manager. Denis spends most of his time making sure that our customers get what they request from us. He gets the most satisfaction knowing that whatever issue they are dealing with, from planned outages to emergency situations, the correct ASNA team will be deployed to help them overcome it. Denis is another sports fan from New England; he also has the most extensive music collection we have ever seen. Denis has been known to be in the field from time and time and he actually looks forward to the change of scenery.



With over 20 years of industry experience, Tim has seen just about all there is in our field. The one common thing that he has liked the most is rising to a new challenge, enter 3D Metrology. Tim has taken the lead in the South to bring ASNA’s 3D metrology services to the Mills in his region. He has had overwhelming results; recently our clients have been extremely impressed with his Laser work. Whether it is traditional alignment services or the latest in alignment technology Tim values working with people who appreciate his help. He also is a Chicago Sports Fan. He is hoping this is going to be the year for his “Cubbies”.



Austin has been working on Alignment issues for over 10 years. He is a southern boy through and through and since he hails from the gulf coast it’s a given that he is a Saints fan. You might be surprised to know he is also a Detroit Red Wings fan. He is passionate about paper mills and corrugators. When you meet Austin he will certainly have a smile on his face especially if he just came back from New Orleans for a Saints game.